Hope’s Story

This little gem is Hope Elizabeth Adele, and she is the love of our lives!
Hope was diagnosed with Down Syndrome when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I was terrified, but already loved that little life so much.

After a horrible visit to the Geneticist, I left and instantly knew her name would be Hope. Hope is what the world needs, hope is what our family needs, and most definitely what I needed.

During my 20-week scan, it was noted that she may have issues with her heart and that she had hydrops. So off to the High Risk clinic we travelled, even more terrified.

After 8 weeks, all the fluid in her tummy was gone and as far as they could tell, her heart looked great! She was already a strong, brave warrior.

I was so thankful I had my pregnancy to deal with the emotions that come with a diagnosis, because by the time I went into labour I was completely ready to love her for who she was, and who she would grow to become. Hope was born on February 14th at 37 weeks and instantly became the pride and joy of our family. I looked into her gorgeous almond shaped eyes and fell madly in love. Hope is all things good in this world.

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